Press Releases for February 2020

Feb 29  Navajo Nation pays tribute to fallen White Mountain Apache Police Officer David Kellywood

Feb 29  Vice President Lizer advocates for Special Diabetes Program and CHR’s at the National Indian Health Board meeting

Feb 28  Navajo Nation COVID-19 Preparedness Team established to address coronavirus precautionary efforts

Feb 27  Speaker Damon meets with Navajo Board of Election Supervisors, provides $22,000 to cover budget deficit

Feb 27  President Nez promotes food sovereignty at Diné Bich’iiya’ Summit

Feb 27  Resources and Development Committee meets at Lake Valley Chapter

Feb 26  Nez-Lizer move forward with assisted-living facility for elderly

Feb 26  Navajo Nation Council to hold uranium public hearings March 5, 6, 13, 14

Feb 24  Nez-Lizer continue to support for Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women taskforce initiatives

Feb 24  Navajo Nation and San Juan County, Utah sign Intergovernmental Agreement to maintain 74-miles of roadways for Navajo residents

Feb 21  Delegate Crotty, MMDR working group continue to lead advocacy for Navajo families at N.M. MMIW Task Force meeting

Feb 21  Naabik’íyáti’ Committee convenes for judicial complex work session

Feb 21  Speaker Damon, 24th Navajo Nation Council commend passage of New Mexico Senate Bill 99

Feb 21  Nez-Lizer thank the New Mexico Legislature for approving over $25 million in Capital Outlay Funds

Feb 20  Navajo leaders sign proclamation encouraging public participation in the 2020 Census

Feb 20  Navajo Nation enters into MOU with San Juan County to assess feasibility of a new railroad system

Feb 20  Navajo Nation Advances Funds to ONNSFA for Spring 2020 Awards

Feb 20  Law and Order Committee on Capitol Hill lobbying for public safety and judicial

Feb 19  Clean-up of 24 abandoned uranium mine sites set to move forward under Phase 2 Settlement Agreement

Feb 19  President Nez requests the Los Angeles City Council to support renewable energy partnerships

Feb 17  Navajo leaders prioritize Navajo culture and language in Navajo schools

Feb 14  President Nez cites unspent chapter funds, financial accountability and planning measures in line-item veto

Feb 13  First Lady Nez delivers message of hope at MMIW and human trafficking panel discussion

Feb 13  President Nez testifies on Capitol Hill in support of scholarship funding among other budget priorities

Feb 13  Navajo Nation welcomes new Ethics and Rules Director Kandis Martine

Feb 13  State Task Force meets with N.M. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham at the Roundhouse

Feb 12  Trump Administration Proposes to Eliminate Tribal Scholarships

Feb 07  Vice President Lizer pays tribute to the late Senator John Pinto and Navajo Code Talkers during New Mexico’s “American Indian Day”

Feb 07  24th Navajo Nation Council attend opening day of Utah Legislature

Feb 07  President Nez and First Lady meet with Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs during cultural exchange visit

Feb 07  Delegate Crotty moves Missing & Murdered Diné Relatives projects forward, announces awareness action campaign

Feb 06  Speaker Damon, VP Lizer, LOC Chair Charles-Newton show support for Navajo, tribal bills at AZ Legislature

Feb 06  RDC receives reports on Northern Navajo Fair, disabled Navajos

Feb 06  Council Delegates Freeland and Halona advocate for chapter projects at N.M. Roundhouse

Feb 05  Navajo Nation joins family members in celebrating the life of Navajo Code Talker Joe Vandever Sr.

Feb 03  Navajo leaders support New Mexico H.B. 225 to create trust fund for elders

Feb 03  Nez-Lizer congratulate newly-appointed Utah Division of Indian Affairs Director Dustin Jansen

Feb 03  Flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of Navajo Code Talker Joe Vandever Sr.

Feb 02  Navajo Nation receives nearly $2 million from third-year agricultural insurance investment

Feb 01  Over 500 women attend First Lady Nez and Second Lady Lizers Heart to Heart conference