Press Releases for February 2019

Feb 26  Law and Order Committee Selects Delegates Charles-Newton and Otto Tso as Leadership

Feb 26  Tsos Rise to Leadership of Health, Education and Human Services Committee

Feb 22  Delegates Charles-Newton and Tso Congratulate New Navajo Police Officers at Academy Graduation

Feb 22  President and Vice President congratulate Navajo Police Training Academy Class 53 at graduation ceremony

Feb 22  Nez-Lizer wish the best to high school basketball teams competing in state basketball tournaments


Feb 22  Nez-Lizer commend progress at latex glove manufacturing site

Feb 20  Spirit of Harmony Delivers Delegate Nez to RDC Chair, Executive Director Appointments Move Forward

Feb 20  President and Vice President urge public to prepare for winter storm

Feb 20  Nez-Lizer congratulate newly confirmed New Mexico Secretary of Indian Affairs Lynn Trujillo

Feb 19  Delegates Henio and Smith Jr. Selected as Leadership for Budget and Finance Committee (1.2 Mb)

Feb 19  Navajo Nation declares emergency due to winter weather conditions

Feb 19  Council to Conduct Town Halls Re: Potential Acquisition of NGS by NTEC (1.7 Mb)

Feb 15  First Lady and Second Lady promote domestic violence prevention

Feb 15  Nez-Lizer join local residents in celebrating the grand opening of the Dennehotso Market (2.9 Mb)

Feb 15  Dennehotso Chapter Celebrates Opening of Convenience Store (1.4 Mb)

Feb 14  With Delegates' Leadership Three Branches Advocate for New Shiprock Judicial/Public Safety Facility

Feb 13  Nez-Lizer Administration delivers message of hope and empowerment to Black Falls residents

Feb 13  Navajo Department of Aging and Long Term Care Services Receives New Vans

Feb 13  Navajo Nation senior centers receive new transportation and delivery vans

Feb 12  President Nez and Vice President Lizer advocate for Navajo Nation capital outlay and Tribal Infrastructure Fund projects

Feb 11  Navajo Nation Council Confirms New Standing Committee Membership


Feb 08  First Lady Phefelia Herbert-Nez discusses the importance of health and leadership at Navajo Girl Scouts event (2.6 Mb)

Feb 08  President Nez and Vice President Lizer successfully testify in support of increased Impact Aid funds for Navajo students (2.5 Mb)

Feb 06  Navajo Nation seeks bi-partisan support for the Navajo Utah Water Rights Settlement Act

Feb 06  Navajo Nation Council delegates continue to fight on behalf of missing and murdered indigenous women

Feb 06  Navajo Nation leadership advocates for Navajo priorities at Utah American Indian Caucus Day

Feb 03  Navajo Nation demands fair distribution of Impact Aid funding for Navajo students

Feb 03  President Nez and Vice President Lizer advocate for Navajo students, capital outlay funding, and other initiatives in New Mexico

Feb 03  Delegate Crotty advocates for New Mexico's proposed Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women task force

Feb 03  Navajo Nation Council members meet with New Mexico governor and appointed staff to discuss Navajo priorities

Feb 03  Navajo Nation gains $9 million second-year return on agricultural insurance investment