Press Releases for January 2015


Jan 28  President Shelly meets with Council to iron out letter of agreement

Jan 27  Navajo Nation begins drawdown of $1.2 billion Tronox settlement

Jan 27  President Shelly meets with Congressional delegation, discusses ONHIR

Jan 27  State of NN Pres ShellyPresident Shelly delivers State of the Navajo Nation address in Navajo

Jan 26  2015 Winter Session | State of the Navajo Nation - President Shelly and Vice-President Jim

Jan 15  President Shelly lauds building renovations, tours facility

Jan 13    President Shelly, Vice President Jim take oath of office

Jan 13  Media Advisory: Presidental Oath of Office (Time Change)

Jan 06  President Shelly signs into law special run off election, NBOES pardon

Jan 06  President Shelly approves $8.3 million in supplemental appropriations

Jan 05  President Shelly vetoes amending fluency requirements for election code

Jan 05  President Shelly approves FTA grant and purchase of allotment land

Press Releases for February 2015


Feb 26  President Shelly urges caution when traveling during winter storm

Feb 25  Navajo veteran commanders provide updates, plan of action for Veterans Act

Feb 23  President Shelly appoints Deswood Tome as OPVP Chief of Staff

Feb 18  President Shelly Delivers State of the Navajo Nation  - Youtube Video

Feb 13  Summary remarks of President Shelly at Utah State Legislature

Feb 13  President Shelly reports before joint session of N.M. Senate

Feb 13  President Shelly praises Rep. Kirkpatrick for tribal advocacy on Capitol Hill

Feb 13  President Shelly praises Navajo Beef and hard work of Navajo ranchers

Feb 10    23rd Navajo Nation Council confirms Standing Committees

Feb 10  President Shelly tours Hooghan Hozho’, announces plans for veterans housing

Feb 09  President Shelly attends Indian at Santa Fe, shares issues facing Nation

Feb 02  HOZHOOJÍ NAHAT’ÁH BAA HANE’ - February 2015

Press Releases for March 2015


Mar 30  President Shelly meets with Land Buy-Back Program for Indian Nations

Mar 27  President Shelly pays respect to fallen officer Alex K. Yazzie

Mar 25  President Shelly approves $1.1 million for legislative district assistants program

Mar 24  Services on Late Officer A.Yazzie, Shiprock Police District

Mar 24  President Shelly signs tribal-state gaming compact, encourages DOI approval

Mar 24  President Shelly cuts ribbon to open new Shiprock Youth Center

Mar 24  President Shelly provides welcome address at Navajo Land Summit

Mar 23  President Shelly meets with Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi

Mar 20  President Shelly orders flags at half-staff to honor officer Alex Yazzie

Mar 20  Navajo Nation Proclamation in Honor and Recognition of the late Navajo Police Officer Alex Yazzie

Mar 20  Unofficial Notice on Update on Navajo Police Shooting, March 19, 2015 - OPVP Release

Mar 19  President Shelly sends condolences to family of fallen Navajo Police officer

Mar 19  President Shelly thanks N.M. Legislature for passing gaming compact

Mar 18  President Shelly supports Navajo Head Start - CCDF partnership

Mar 16  President Shelly issues Navajo Nation Prayer Day Proclamation

Mar 16  Navajo Nation Prayer Day Proclamation, March 20, 2015

Mar 16  ReferendumPic  President Shelly approves $317,891 from UUFB to fund referendum

Mar 16  Navajo Land Department Hosting Land Summit to Promote Independence

Mar 13  President Shelly approves $3 million for Adminstrative Service Centers

Mar 13    Navajo President to tour Head Start Center, transfer CCDF facilities to Navajo Head Start

Mar 12  President Shelly lauds N.M. Senate for passing gaming compact

Mar 11  Singer announces 34th Annual Native American and Family Conference

Mar 09  Navajo Head Start now enrolling children from all income levels

Mar 09  Navajo Head Start thanks Obama for federal budget increase

Mar 09  President Shelly to report before N.M. Legislature on gaming compact

Mar 02  President Shelly signs emergency declaration to address snowstorms
Declaration of Emergency

Mar 02  Navajo Nation files petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights against the U.S. Federal Government for violations of Navajo Human Rights

Mar 02  President Shelly praises federal EB-5 immigrant investor designation

Press Releases for April 2015


Apr 30  President Shelly praises PNM-Navajo Nation Workforce Training Program at NTU

Apr 29  President Shelly breaks ground for Chinle Denny’s, lauds Navajo-owned business

Apr 24  President Shelly pushes for cleanup of Church Rock uranium mine site

Apr 23  President Shelly unveils Navajo Transit System $2 million electric bus

Apr 23    President Shelly congratulates Begaye-Nez administration

Apr 23  Media Advisory: New Rural Electric Bus, Navajo Transit System, Fort Defiance, AZ - APR 24 @ 9:00 am

Apr 23  President Shelly expresses discontent with Native stereotypes in Sandler film

Apr 21    President Shelly signs MOA between DODE-GMCS District

Apr 20  President Shelly delivers State of the Navajo Nation to open spring session (PDF)  - Youtube Video

Apr 20  Press Release: Design Work Session for NDPS initiate design facility, Flagstaff, AZ

Apr 17  President Shelly praises PNM-NN Workforce Training Program

Apr 16  COPE partners with Navajo Nation to host inaugural Cancer Survivorship Conference

Apr 15  President Shelly approves cooperative agreement, meets BIA, ENLC

Apr 13  Media Advisory: Land Buy-Back Cooperative Agreement, April 14

Apr 13  President Shelly and Gov. Martinez sign tribal gaming compact with N.M.

Apr 10  Navajo Police Navajo Male on Narcotics Charges

Apr 10  Navajo Police Gang and Drug Unit arrest Navajo male on narcotics charges

Apr 08  Navajo Police apprehend armed individual without incident at NTU

Apr 04  VPWR  Vice President Jim hosts Navajo Nation Golden Rule day, encourages peace

Apr 01  President Shelly Honors Officer Yazzie Youtube Video

Press Releases for May 2015


Feb 26  President Shelly urges caution when traveling during winter storm

May 30  President Begaye, Vice President Nez address San Juan County fire protection services

May 28  Kayenta Correctional Facility Media Advisory

May 28  Notice of Temporary Closure – Department for GREASEWOOD Self Reliance

May 28  Vice President Nez attends Birdsprings Memorial Day event

May 27  Notice of Temporary Closure – Department for Self Reliance/Greasewood DSR

May 27  Begaye-Nez administration announce new cabinet appointments

May 26    Navajo Head Start celebrates end of year, student promotions

May 24  President Begaye, Vice President Nez issue Memorial Day message

May 23  Location for NNHRC June Regular Meeting moved to Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort

May 22  President Begaye, Vice President Nez urge caution when traveling for Memorial Day Weekend

May 22  Navajo Nation Minerals Audit Program Receives Coveted Award Recognizing Superior Audit & Investigative Performance

May 21  DNR Press Release: Open Indian Rodeo to Return to 2015 Navajo Nation Fourth of July Celebration

May 20  grads  President Begaye, Vice President Nez Issue message to Navajo Graduates

May 19  President Begaye meets with ASU leadership, attends convocations

May 18  HSlogo  Navajo Head Start celebrates 50 years

May 18  President Begaye encourages public safety after Tuba City bank robbery

May 17  President Begaye inspects Tohajiilee water well, meets with chapter president

May 16    Navajo Head Start teachers graduate from Arizona State University

May 14  President Begaye, Vice President Nez immediately respond to Tohajiilee emergency

May 14  President Begaye, Vice President Nez broadcast cabinet appointments, graduation message at KTNN AM 660 studios

May 12  Hozhooji Nahat'ah Baa Hane', May 2015 Volume 1, Issue 3

May 12  Navajo Head Start desperately needing facility upgrades

May 12  President Shelly announces return of $1.2 million in FET funding

May 11  Navajo Police involved in high-speed pursuit, two suspects dead

May 11  President Shelly breaks ground for Phase I of Thoreau Industrial Park Railhead

May 10  President President Shelly issues Mother’s Day statement, encourages family unity

May 08  NHS Press Release: Singer Elected to National Indian Head Start Directors Association

May 08  Navajo Head Start creates job opportunities

May 08  President Shelly celebrates Thompson’s Store groundbreaking

May 08  Press Release: NDPS Director Responds to Vote of No-Confidence and Budget Inquires

May 07  President Shelly executes line item veto, cites need to maintain UUFB

May 05  Media Advisory: Groundbreak Ceremony, Thompsons Convenience Store, Church Rock, NM - MAY 08 @ 9:00 am

May 05  nn bridge  President Shelly announces opening of new Huerfano bridge

May 04  President Shelly attends Zoo Fest, announces funding for new aviary

May 01  President Shelly lauds $13.2 million for cleanup of 16 abandoned uranium mines

May 01  Navajo Nation Proclamation - Dine' Bike'yah Tourist Appreciation Week

Press Releases for June 2015


Jun 30  President Begaye appoints two new members to Dine’ Board of Education

Jun 30  President Begaye announces new appointments to Dine’ College Board of Regents

Jun 29  Navajo Nation Museum Launches Children’s Cultural Arts Summer Program

Jun 26  President Begaye, Vice President Nez announce OPVP Veterans Liaison, attend Navajo Nation Veterans Services and Benefits Summit

Jun 24  HUD Secretary Julian Castro Message to Navajo Nation - YOUTUBE VIDEO

Jun 24  President Begaye announces $6.7 million settlement for mitigation projects

Jun 24  NNDNR Press Release: New Dawn for Navajo Nation Zoo

Jun 23    President Begaye praises Interior Department for approving gaming compact

Jun 17  NNDNR Press Release: New Land Withdrawal Designation Regulations Approved

Jun 16  Vice President Nez attends agency council, Coyote Canyon building dedication

Jun 16  President Begaye honors Navajo Code Talker Bahe Ketchum

Jun 14  President Russell Begaye Honors Bahe Ketchum - YOUTUBE VIDEO

Jun 12  JOINT PRESS RELEASE: Navajo Nation leaders meet to address top priorities

Jun 12  NNDNR Press Release: No More Snakes at the Navajo Nation Zoo

Jun 11  Pinon Unified School District loses nine buses to overnight fire

Jun 08  Navajo Head Start partners with Diné College to help teachers obtain degree

JUNE 8TH - Capitol Hill Messages To The Navajo Nation

  • Representative Ann Kirkpatrick Message to Navajo Nation YOUTUBE VIDEO
  • Representative Ruben Gallego Message to the Navajo Nation YOUTUBE VIDEO
  • Senator Tom Udall Message to the Navajo Nation YOUTUBE VIDEO
  • Senator Martin Heinrich Message to the Navajo Nation YOUTUBE VIDEO
  • Senator Jon Tester Message to the Navajo Nation YOUTUBE VIDEO

Jun 08    President Begaye, Vice President Nez meet with U.S. Congressmen, Senators

Jun 08  President Begaye Orders Flags at Half-Staff in Honor of Bahe Ketchum

Jun 08  Proclamation in Honor and Recognition of the Late Navajo Code Talker PFC Bahe Ketchum

Jun 06  President Begaye, Vice President Nez encourage public to be cautious when traveling

Jun 06  Eastern Agency Council Report - Ofc of the Pres./Vicep-Pres. Executive Branch

JUNE 5TH - Capitol Hill Messages To The Navajo Nation

  • U.S. Representative Raul Ruiz's Message to Navajo People YOUTUBE VIDEO
  • U.S. Representative Raul Grijalva Message to the Navajo Nation YOUTUBE VIDEO
  • Representative Steve Pearce Message to the Navajo Nation YOUTUBE VIDEO
  • Senator Mike Lee Message to the Navajo Nation YOUTUBE VIDEO

Jun 01  treaty  President Begaye, Vice President Nez honor Navajo Nation Treaty Day - Youtube Video

May 29  Notice of Temporary Closure – Department for SHIPROCK Self Reliance

Press Releases for July 2015


Jul 31  President Begaye's Address at Utah Governor's Native American Summit - YOUTUBE VIDEO

Jul 31  Utah Governor Gary Herbert Message to Navajo Nation - YOUTUBE VIDEO

Jul 30  President Begaye, Vice President Nez meet with Utah Gov. Herbert

Jul 28  Congressman Cole Message to Navajo Nation - YOUTUBE VIDEO

Jul 27  Running for a Stronger and Healthier Navajo Nation Proclamation

Jul 27    Running for a Stronger and Healthier Navajo Nation

Jul 27  President Begaye meets with U.S. Department of Education, Bureau of Indian Education

Jul 24    Honor the legacy of Navajo Code Talker Kee Etsicitty and live courageously

Jul 23  23rd Navajo Nation Council confirms three Begaye-Nez cabinet members

Jul 22  President Begaye, Vice President Nez issue statement on fluency referendum

Jul 22  Proclamation in honor and recognition of the late Navajo Code Talker PFC Kee Etsicitty

Jul 22  President Begaye orders flags at half-staff for Navajo Code Talker Kee Etscitty

Jul 21  Navajo Nation Referendum Election Night *Unofficial* Results (July 21, 2015)

Jul 20  President Begaye, Vice President Nez sign three branch chief agreement - YOUTUBE VIDEO

Jul 20    Navajo Head Start, San Juan Chapter sign MOU

Jul 20  2015 Summer Session State of the Navajo Nation - Executive Branch Report

Jul 16    Navajo Head Start partners with Navajo Technical University to help its employees obtain degrees

Jul 15  NNDNR Press Release: Bowl Canyon Recreation Area Re-Open

Jul 14  President Begaye announces new appointments to NNTRC, Navajo DOT

Jul 14    Proclamation In Honor, Recognition and Celebration of Native Youth, July 8, 2015

Jul 14  President Begaye, Vice President Nez issue proclamation, honor native youth

Jul 11  chinle report  Chinle Agency Council Report - Executive Branch Report, Wheatfields, AZ

Jul 02  President Begaye issues safety warning for Sanostee wildland forest fire

Jul 01  JOINT PRESS RELEASE: Navajo Nation leaders reach unprecedented agreement on priorities

Press Releases for August 2015


Aug 31  Attorney General Branch selects Hueston Hennigan LLP to represent Navajo Nation in Gold King Mine Spill Lawsuit

Aug 28  President Begaye opens irrigation to Upper Fruitland, San Juan and Nenahnezad Chapters

Aug 24  Navajo Nation President Begaye keeps restrictions in place for San Juan River

Aug 20  President Begaye and Vice President Nez Lauds Council’s Support

Aug 19  Begaye applauds McCain and Udall request for oversight hearing on epa spill

Aug 19  Kirkpatrick vows to fight for the Navajo Nation

Aug 18  Navajo Nation Announces Operation Yellow Water Website

Aug 18  NNDNR Press Release: Country Music & Indian Rodeo A Winning Genre for the Navajo Nation Fair

Aug 14    President Begaye Urges Senator John McCain to Appropriate Funding to Construct Navajo Code Talkers Museum

Aug 14  Bottled Water to be delivered to multiple communities

Aug 14  Statement By President Begaye Concerning Governor Ducey and Senator McCain’s Visit To Window Rock

Aug 13  Operation Tó Łitso ("Yellow Water") Relief Fund Flyer

Aug 12  President Begaye clarifies and stands against U.S. EPA reimbursements

Aug 12  U.S. EPA urges Navajo people to waive rights to future reimbursement claims

Aug 12  Navajo Nation Executive Order No. 02-2015 - Establishment and Execution of Operation Tó Litso ("Yellow Water")


Aug 09  MEDIA ADVISORY: Navajo Head Start celebrating 50th Anniversary with banquet

Aug 09  Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial Parade provides opportunity to hear Navajo concerns

Aug 09  President Begaye announces U.S. EPA will be accountable for toxic spill

Aug 08  Public Service Announcement by President Begaye: Gold King Mine toxic waste spill that occurred on August 5, 2015 - YOUTUBE VIDEO

Aug 07  President Begaye approves NCDFI operating funds, alcohol tax

Aug 07  PRECAUTIONARY NOTICE - Re: San Juan River (Mine Waste release from Gold King Mine)

Aug 07    President Begaye demands U.S. EPA Release information on contaminants

Aug 05  President Begaye invites Gov. Ducey, Sen. McCain to Navajo Code Talker Day

Aug 05  President Begaye elected vice president for Coalition of Large Tribes

Aug 04  President Begaye issues statement regarding U.S. EPA Clean Power Plan ruling

Aug 03  NNDNR Press Release: Planning Underway for Grand Daddy of Tribal Fairs

Aug 03    Chinle woman found in aftermath of flood, Navajo Police end search

Press Releases for September 2015


Sep 30  Delegate Shepherd Petitions his Colleagues for a Special Session to Address Legislation 0284-15, Ratifying Restated Federal Charter for the Navajo Nation Oil and Gas Company

Sep 25  Vice President Nez Joins Council to Hear Concerns of Bennett Freeze Residents

Sep 25  Vice President Nez Shares Message of Empowerment at COPE Symposium

Sep 23  President Begaye Speaks at NIHB 32nd Annual Consumer Confab

Sep 23  President Begaye FY 2016 Budget Message - YOUTUBE VIDEO

Sep 23  National Indian Health Board 32nd Annual Consumer Conference Unites Tribes for Policy, Advocacy, Health

Sep 23  President Begaye FY 2016 Budget Message - YOUTUBE VIDEO

Sep 18    Vice President Nez Celebrates Dine' College Housing, Student Union Building

Sep 18  Begaye-Nez Administration Promotes Suicide Prevention

Sep 17  President Begaye Testifies before House Oversight and Natural Resources Committees

Sep 16  Begaye Calls for Increased Federal Support in Testimony before Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

Sep 15  President Begaye Asks Secretary Burwell’s Tribal Advisory Committee for Cancer and Mental Health Facilities

Sep 11  President Begaye, Assistant Secretary Ramirez Open New Youth Center

Sep 11  HUD Assistant Secretary Ramirez Meets with Navajo Veterans on Housing

Sep 11  PRESS RELEASE: Navajo Nation Honors Lives Lost During 9/11 with Moment of Silence

Sep 11  Operation Yellow Water Flyer for Volunteering/Donation Information

Sep 11  Division of Community Development Newsletter - September 2015

Sep 09  Navajo EPA Director testifies before Congress on Gold King Mine Spill

Sep 09  President Begaye: Place Upper Animas Mining District on "Superfund" National Priorities List

Sep 06  Erin Brockovich to Speak at Three Navajo Nation High Schools on Tuesday

Sep 04  Statement by President Begaye regarding FEMA denying assistance for Gold King Mine Spill

Sep 03  Environmental Advocate Erin Brockovich to Tour Navajo Nation with President Begaye

Sep 03  President Begaye Updates Senator Tom Udall on San Juan River Contamination

Sep 02  Workers' Compensation Coverage for Special Assignments (69th Annual Navajo Nation Fair)

Sep 02  Navajo Nation Thanks Donors for Support

Sep 01  President Begaye requests Appointment of FEMA Disaster Recovery Coordinator

Press Releases for October 2015


Oct 31  Tribal Sovereignty and Revenue Sharing Have Critical Impacts to Gaming Tribes, President Begaye Said at 2015 AIGA EXPO

Oct 28  Two Boys who went missing overnight have been found in Beshbito Area

Oct 28  NBC Today Returning to Navajo Nation - Seeking to Break World Record

Oct 27  Chinle Bank Robber in Custody

Oct 23  Highway 118 remains closed for clean-up from derailment

Oct 23  OPVP Supports FCPP in Providing Employment Opportunities for Navajo Veterans

Oct 23  32 Cars derailed on BNSF Railway east of Gallup

Oct 22  Navajo Parks Race Series: Navajo Parks and Recreation Promoting Health and Fitness

Oct 22   Navajo Nation Council approves supplemental funding for special education program

Oct 22  ncai  We are Nations, Let’s act like it, President Russell Begaye says at NCAI

Oct 22  Begay Statement on US Department of Interior Report blaming EPA For Gold King Mine Spill

Oct 22  President Begaye Statement on FEMA denying request for Emergency Declaration

Oct 20  disabilityNNPres  President Begaye Proclaims Third Week of October as Navajo Nation Disability Awareness Week

Oct 20  President Begaye and Vice President Nez deliver State of the Navajo Nation Address 2015 State of the Navajo Nation Address

Oct 20  NNDNR Press Release: A safe and fun event for the youth. That’s what the Navajo Nation Zoo Boo is about.

Oct 14  Talk is over and action is needed now on the Former Bennett Freeze area says President Begaye

Oct 13  President Begaye Supports Congressman Grijalva’s Bill to put a Moratorium on Uranium Mining in Grand Canyon

Oct 12  President Begaye and Vice President Nez tell NAU Students to maintain focus

Oct 11  President Begaye encouraged by House action on Native energy bill

Oct 11  Indian Gaming is critical to upholding Statewide Programs and Services says President Begaye

Oct 09  President Begaye and Vice President Nez offer Condolences for Student Killed in NAU Shooting

Oct 09  Begaye Applauds New Mexico Delegation Call for Prompt Action on Navajo Emergency Declaration Request

Oct 08  Begaye Applauds McCain and Flake Call for Swift Review of Navajo Emergency Declaration Request

Oct 05  Attorney General Branch asks EPA to assure Fair Satisfaction of Mine Spill Claims

Oct 02  Begaye Requests FEMA Preliminary Damage Assessments

Press Releases for November 2015


Nov 24    NACC Selected as Potential Operators of Navajo Nation BHP Mine

Nov 24  Navajo Division of Transportation to Host Quarterly Regional Meetings

Nov 24    President Begaye Signs MOU Between Navajo Nation and BIA to Address Infrastructure Issues in FBFA

Nov 23  Navajo DOJ Continues To Question Environmental Protection Agency's Gold King Mine Spill Recovery Efforts

Nov 23  President Begaye Signs Legislation Appropriating $500K to Teec Nos Pos Chapter Renovation

Nov 22    Vice President Nez Calls for More Attention to Existing Navajo Issues in Meeting with Secretary Jewell

Nov 20  Begaye Commends Silverton and San Juan County for Joining Effort to Designate Upper Animas Watershed as Superfund Site

Nov 19  Navajo Nation - A Haven for Year-Round Adventure (Monument Valley Marathon, Dec. 2015)

Nov 19  Beeholdzil Fighting Scouts Events Center To Host Nationally Televised Basketball Game Between Embry-Riddle and NAU

Nov 17  Navajo Nation Enters A New Dawn Of Leveraging Financial Assets

Nov 16  President Begaye Statement on Colorado Officials Disputing EPA Claims

Nov 14  President Begaye and Vice President Nez Thank Former NAPI CEO Tsosie Lewis CEO For His Service

Nov 11  President Begaye and Vice President Feed Veterans on Veterans Day

Nov 11  President Begaye and Vice President Nez Say ‘Let's Extend Our Hearts And Hands to Assist Our Veterans’

Nov 10  veteransA Navajo Code Talker's Wish

Nov 09  President Begaye Vetos $20M Aircraft Loan Legislation

Nov 09  Teesto Leaders Say President Begay Kept His Word

Nov 01  President Begaye Signs Legislation Requiring the Chief Justice to Hold Juris Doctor Degree

Nov 01  nnvpRedRibbon  Vice President Nez Clocks Miles in Support of Red Ribbon Week

Press Releases for December 2015


Dec 31  PSA: Navajo Nation Dept. of Veterans Affairs & Office of the President and Vice President hosting Public Hearing regarding NN Veterans Act 2016

Dec 31  Navajo Nation Council confirms Garret Silversmith as the new Director of the Navajo Division of Transportation

Dec 31  Happy New Year from the Office of the President and Vice President

Dec 30  President Begaye and Vice President Nez Honor the Voices of the Navajo People

Dec 28  Mr. Arlando S. Teller Appointed to Arizona Transportation Board

Dec 28  President Begaye and Vice President Nez Affirm the Voice of the Navajo People in Continuing to Support the Line-Item Veto

Dec 23  Gallup Independent Newspaper published article with inaccurate information titled "Budget befuddlement: St. Michaels Chapter approves wrong carryover budget, moves forward (Dec. 22, 2015)

Dec 22  Navajo Students Among Graduates at Fort Lewis College's Winter 2015 Commencement

Dec 22    Planting Seeds of Hope Through Community Dialogue About Suicide Prevention

Dec 16  Building Communities of Hope Tour Kicks Off at Thoreau High School

Dec 16  Council Moves to Override Voice of the People In Challenging Line-Item Veto Authority

Dec 10    President Begaye Says Separating Navajo Children from their Parents and Families is Devastating

Dec 07  Navajo Nation Mourns Loss of Leonard Haskie

Dec 04    President Begaye and Vice President Nez Sign Proclamation Declaring Third Week of December As Suicide Prevention Week

Dec 04  President Begaye Advocated For Suicide Prevention

Dec 02    Vice President Nez Calls for Attention to Water Rights, Education and Medicaid In Tribal Consultant with Governor Ducey

Dec 01  Controller of the Navajo Nation Appointed By The Navajo Nation President and Vice President

Dec 01  President Begaye and Vice President Nez Sign Executive Order Launching Suicide Prevention Initiative