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Aug 24  Resources and Development Committee approves right-of-way for Nazlini Navajo Route 27

Aug 23  Health, Education, and Human Services Committee receives update report from Navajo Tribal Utility Authority’s wireless service program

Aug 23  Law and Order Committee advocates for pay raises for Navajo Nation police officers

Aug 22    Council members show support for the new Chief of Police

Aug 22    Council thanks past leaders at Chinle Justice Center dedication ceremony

Aug 19  Voice of the people denied by President Begaye’s veto of referendum

Aug 19    Delegate Crotty participates in panel discussion regarding child sexual assault, abuse, and abduction

Aug 17  Budget and Finance Committee approves supplemental funding for the Diné Bii Association for Disabled Citizens, Inc.

Aug 17  Delegate Brown promotes the preservation of the Navajo language at the Utah Native American Summit

Aug 14    Delegate Davis Filfred honors Navajo Code Talkers on behalf of Council

Aug 13  Delegate Chee among officials to hear directly from Shiprock flood victims

Aug 12  Delegate Tso commends efforts of the Former Bennett Freeze Area Field Intake Project

Aug 10    Delegate Tom Chee and Congressman Lujan visit families affected by flooding

Aug 10    Navajo Nation Council members commend approval of amendments to the land acquisition process

Aug 10    Speaker Bates calls on federal government to provide compensation and long-term assistance for communities affected by the Gold King Mine spill

Aug 10    Council members address Utah issues with Utah Governor

Aug 10  Navajo Nation urges Congress to fund a Navajo Code Talkers national monument in Washington, D.C.

Aug 08  Budget and Finance Committee recommends approval of referendum measure for transportation stimulus plan

Aug 08  Navajo Nation Council approves referendum to allow the Navajo people to decide chapter regionalization initiative

Aug 05  Chapter regionalization referendum measure to be considered by Council

Aug 05    Law and Order Committee commends Navajo police academy graduates

Aug 05  Arizona reinstates KidsCare health insurance program

Aug 03  Navajo Nation Council approves amendments to the land acquisition process

Aug 03  Resources & Development Committee recommends further scientific studies of hydraulic fracturing on the Navajo Nation

Aug 02  Navajo youth benefit from summer youth employment opportunities

Jul 27  Navajo Nation Council Summer results

Jul 27  Health, Education, and Human Services Committee approves study of effects of hydraulic fracturing on the Navajo Nation

Jul 25  Navajo Nation Council appalled by the clearance of Winslow police officer Austin Shipley in the shooting death of Loreal Tsinigine

Jul 25    Naat’ájí Nahat’á Hane’ Legislative Branch News

Jul 22  Council approves supplemental funding for Phoenix Indian Center

Jul 22  Dzil Yijiin District Court funds approved by Navajo Nation Council

Jul 21  Navajo Nation Council approves the Síhasin Fund Twin Arrows Travel Center Development Expenditure Plan

Jul 20    Health, Education, and Human Services Committee addresses issues regarding Chilchinbeto Community School accreditation

Jul 19    Delegate Alton Joe Shepherd selected as vice chair of the Arizonans for Tribal Government Gaming

Jul 19    Navajo Nation Council accepts report from Speaker Bates on the opening day of Summer Session

Jul 19    Speaker’s Report 2016 Summer Council Session

Jul 15  Summer Council Session set to begin with annual horse and bike ride

Jul 15  Health, Education & Human Services Committee addresses issues regarding CCS accreditation

Jul 15  NNRDC receives report on proposed FY2017 chapter budget cuts

Jul 14  Law and Order Committee supports creation of a Navajo (SORNA) unit

Jul 13  Dept for Self Reliance to offer limited services July 20-22, 2016

Jul 10  Resources and Development Committee approves Newcomb Chapter’s community land use plan

Jul 06    Navajo Nation Council members speak in support of the Safeguard Tribal Objects of Patrimony Act

Jun 29  Budget and Finance Committee issues directive to release funds for public safety facility

Jun 29  Law and Order Committee considers establishing a Navajo police academy

Jun 29  Pinon community advocates for a police district to address high rates of crime

Jun 27  Health, Education, and Human Services Committee applauds U.S. Supreme Court decisions pertaining to Indian Country

Jun 24  Navajo Nation supports the proposed Native American Cultural Property Protection Act of 2016

Jun 23  Law and Order Committee continues to push for hiring of Police Chief

Jun 21  Council commends actions of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to benefit federally recognized tribes

Jun 15  Law and Order Committee directs President Begaye to hire police chief and considers police sub-stations

Jun 14  Health, Education, and Human Services Committee supports the construction of a Navajo Code Talker national monument

Jun 13  Resources and Development Committee approves the Healthy Diné Community Wellness Development Project Distribution Policy

Jun 10  Statement from Speaker Lorenzo Bates regarding U.S. Presidential Candidates

Jun 09  Law and Order Committee continues efforts to increase salary for Navajo Nation police officers

Jun 09    Council supports the Navajo Nation Foster Grandparent Program

Jun 09  Budget and Finance Committee opposes Arizona bill regarding the sale of flexible credit loans

Jun 07  Health, Education, and Human Services Committee receive report regarding housing proposal for residents in Former Bennett Freeze Area

Jun 06  Council members applaud approval of $2 million for summer youth employment and enrichment programs

Jun 06  Health, Education, and Human Services Committee seeks graduate student representative for Commission on Navajo Government Development

Jun 02  Amendments to the Navajo Land Policy on Acquisition of Land and Trust Fund considered by the Resources and Development Committee

May 30  Navajo Nation Council applauds the successful delivery of pipe to repair breach at Navajo Agricultural Products Industry

May 27  Navajo Nation Council approves $2 million for summer youth employment and enrichment programs

May 27  Law and Order Committee advocates for additional funding for Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety

May 27  Budget and Finance Committee approves waste management agreement with San Juan County, New Mexico

May 26  Resources and Development Committee receives update on home site lease amendments

May 26  Health, Education, and Human Services Committee seeks to expedite the hiring process for chief of police position

May 25  Pinon Community School addresses gang violence to the Law and Order Committee

May 19    Navajo Nation calls on President Obama to protect Bears Ears

May 18  Council members applaud approval of American Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

May 18  Council supports the late Officer Alex Yazzie’s family at the 35th Annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service

May 16  TEMPORARY CLOSURE - (DSR) FARMINGTON OFFICE-May 30th-June 10th, 2016

May 9  (May 2016 Issue) - Navajo Division of Community Development Newsletter (64 MB)

Apr 13    Economic Summit Gathers Tribal Leaders and Entrepreneurs to Create Solutions to Building Economies

Apr 10  600 Attending Navajo Economic Summit at Twin Arrows

Apr 08  President Begaye Requests US DOJ Involvement in Investigation of Tsingine's Death

Apr 07  Executive Branch Radio Update #4 Broadcast on KTNN

Apr 07  President Begaye Calls for EPA to Testify on Gold King Mine

Apr 06    Vice President Nez Attends Zika Action Plan Summit

Apr 06  NN Council Committee Appropriates Nearly $2.2 Million of Fuel Excise Tax Money for Infrastructure Projects

Apr 06  President Begaye Applauds Funding Award for Seven BIE Schools on the Nation, Yet States, "There Remains Work to be Done"

Apr 06    President Begaye Calls for Federal Level Investigation in Tsingine Shooting

Apr 04  Executive Branch Update Video - Week of March 28, 2016  Youtube Video

Apr 02  OPVP Takes Steps Toward Addressing A Solid Waste-Management Plan For The Nation

Apr 01  Shiprock Airport Undergoes Temporary Closure Due to Airplane Accident

Apr 01  President Begaye Says Teaching the Navajo Language is Key to Reinforcing the Foundations of HÓZHÓ and KÉ

Apr 01    Two Nations, One Voice Communicated to Governor Ducey, State Elected Officials

Mar 31  Department for Self Reliance to Host a Medicaid Enrollment Day, Crownpoint, NM, April 4th

Mar 31    Shiprock Airport Closed Press Release - Overturn Plane

Mar 30  President Begaye Says Winslow Shooting of Loreal Tsingine Warrants Independent Investigation

Mar 28  President Begaye Supports Economic Development Based In Sovereignty Through Inter-Tribal Networking at RES 2016

Mar 26  President Begaye, Vice President Nez Meet with Senator Udall on Gallup Detox Center

Mar 22    President Begaye and Vice President Nez meet with Secretary Clinton to Discuss Critical Issues Facing the Navajo Nation

Mar 22  President Begaye Urges a Hearing and Vote on Supreme Court Nominee

Mar 21  American Indian Business leaders gather this week in Las Vegas, Navajo President speaking March 22nd

Mar 18    President Begaye Said Presidental Candidates Need to Honor Our Treaties and Uphold Our Sovereignty

Mar 17  Navajo DOT Engineer Earns Spot on National Youth Environmental Work Group

Mar 17  Navajo Nation Division of Natural Resources (DNR) to Sponsor Natural Resources Summit 2016

Mar 16    Vice President Nez Celebrates Tonalea White Mesa Power Line Connection

Mar 15  President Begaye's Statement on Federal Investigation Ignoring U.S. EPA Negligence Regarding Gold King Mine Spill

Mar 14  Vice President Nez Visits Iyanbito Chapter for Motor Grader Celebration

Mar 11  Begaye-Nez Administration Opens Doors for Navajos to become Medical Doctors

Mar 09    Vice President Nez Urges NM Governor Martinez to Approve Funding for Navajo Nation Capital Outlay Projects

Mar 07  Office of the President and Vice President Updates for March 7, 2016  Youtube Video

Mar 07    Vice President Nez Participates in NAU Tribal Advisory Board Meeting, Tribal Leadership Education Summit

Mar 07  Begaye-Nez appoint first Native woman to lead the Division of Economic Development

Mar 01  Navajo DOT Advocates for Navajo Nation’s Infrastructure in Wáshindoon

Feb 24  President Begaye Signs Historic Legislation To Provide water and wastewater to all Navajo Communities

Feb 22    Continuing the Dialogue of Prevention and Awareness

Feb 18  St. Michaels DSR Gets Authorization to Re-Occupy Their Office

Feb 18    Greasewood DSR to Re-Open Ahead of Schedule

Feb 18  Coalmine Canyon Power Line Project Moves Forward

Feb 17  President Begaye Approves Stipends for Grazing Officials in Resolution CJA-2-16

Feb 17    Vice President Nez Coordinates Hantavirus Public Awareness Campaign

Feb 14  Vice President Nez Attends CDC-ATSDR Tribal Consultation Session

Feb 14  President Begaye - The Veteran's Act Belongs to Navajo Veterans

Feb 12    Vice President Nez Calls for Further Partnership with State of Utah in Areas of Water Rights, State Land Reversions and Education

Feb 12  Proclamation in Honor and Recognition of Harry D. Brown, Sr.

Feb 11    President Begaye and Vice President Nez Order Flags Flown at Half-Staff in Honor of Harry D Brown, Sr.

Feb 09  Media Advisory: President Begaye and Vice President Nez to Sign Enabling Legislation Establishing a Navajo Veterans Administration and Veterans Advisory Council, February 13-14, 2016

Feb 09    Navajo Code Talker's Dream Home Completed

Feb 09  Vice President Nez Addresses New Mexico Legislature During American Indian Day

Feb 02    President Begaye meets with NM Dignitaries to further Nation to Nation relationships

Feb 02  OPVP Mourns Passing of Former Delegate and Korean Conflict Veteran Harry D. Brown, Sr.

Feb 02  President Begaye said Students Shouldn't be punished for Expressing Pride in their Culture

Feb 01  Notice of DSR Office Closures: St. Michaels and Greasewood

Feb 01  Speaker Bates appoints Pete Ken Atcitty as Chief of Staff

Feb 01    Navajo Nation Loses a Broadcast Legend in George Werito

Jan 29  Navajo Department of Self Reliance - January 2016 Newsletter

Jan 28    Assistant Secretary of Army (Civil Works) Jo Ellen Darcy Visits the Navajo Nation

Jan 27  Jim R Parris Confirmed as Controller of the Navajo Naton

Jan 26  Navajo Nation President to Sign the First Native Veterans Act Into Law

Jan 25  OPVP Hosts Appreciation Dinner to Honor 2015 WNFR Competitors and Champions

Jan 25    2016 Opening Winter Session of NN Council Foregoes Verbal Reports from both OPVP and Office of the Speaker

Jan 24  OPVP Mourns Passing of Navajo Radio Personality George Werito

Jan 22  Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety Announce Job Vacancy for Chief of Police

Jan 22    "We are a Nation, Not a Federal Program", President Begaye states at AZ Tribal Legislative Day

Jan 22    Vice President Nez meets with NM Legislators to find solutions to tif, Capital Outlay Funding for Navajo Nation Projects

Jan 22    Navajo Code Talker Ernest Yazhe Laid to Rest

Jan 20  Passing of Navajo Code Talker Alfred Peaches

Jan 19    Navajo Nation - A Window of Economic Opportunities

Jan 15  Proclamation in Honor and Recognition of Navajo Code Talker Ernest Yazhe

Jan 15  OPVP Issues Proclamation Honoring Code Talker Ernest Yazhe, Flags to Fly at Half Mast January 19

Jan 14    Secretary Jewell Announces Congressional Funding for new Facilities at Cove Day School

Jan 12  Navajo Yes Announces 2016 Navajo Parks Race Series for the Dine Nation

Jan 12  Begaye-Nez Administration Saves 48 Jobs, NSDP Employees to Report to Work Tomorrow

Jan 11  Navajo Nation Museum to Feature Unique Exhibit Called Jo’Jini’

Jan 08  Public Hearings Push Veteran Concerns and Approval of Veterans Act

Jan 07    Navajo Veteran Act Public Hearing set for January 7, 2016 has been cancelled and rescheduled

Jan 06  President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez fill cabinet seats with Navajo scientist and engineer

Jan 05  NNDNR: Navajo Walking Trails Press Conference To Be Held


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