Press Releases for June 2012

Jun 29 - Window Rock District Court in need of new facility

Jun 28 - Health, Education and Human Services Committee considers idea of restructuring school boards to emphasize quality education

Jun 28 - President Shelly Reminds the Navajo Nation of the Executive Order of Fire Restriction

Jun 28 - Navajo President Shelly Says LCR Settlement Would Provide Safe Drinking Water

Jun 28 - Resources and Development Committee receives report on BIA’s involvement in feral horse roundups

Jun 28 - Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission Closure on June 29th

Jun 26 - Window Rock District Court Closure

Jun 26 - Speaker Naize cancels water rights settlement special session tentatively scheduled for June 27

Jun 25 - Speaker Johnny Naize, Navajo Council extend condolences to family of Navajo Codetalker Frank Chee Willeto

Jun 25 - Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission regular meeting set for July 6th & Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission special meeting set for July 9th

Jun 25 - Navajo Nation to Celebrate Freedom the Healthy Way

Jun 25 - “Tse’bii’nidzisgai Community Celebration at Monument Valley”

Jun 24 - Navajo President Shelly Commemorates Fallen Code Talker and Calls for Navajo Flag at Half Staff

Jun 24 - Navajo President Shelly Outlines Negative Impacts if LCR Settlement Goes Unapproved

Jun 24 - Navajo President Shelly Calls for Clarifying Statement from Division Director

Jun 22 - Cowboy Christmas Returns to Navajo Nation Capital

Jun 21 - Resources and Development Committee discusses options to address feral horse problem despite presidential line-item veto

Jun 20 - Budget and Finance Committee tables water rights legislation, three more public hearings to take place

Jun 20 - Dallas PRCA Pro Rodeo Stock Contractor Making Debut to Navajo Nation

Jun 19 - Law and Order Committee hears report on “Navajo Cops” filming agreement

Jun 19 - Public comment hearing for proposed amendments to Title 26 of the Navajo Nation Code, the Local Governance Act

Jun 18 - The Serious Side of Being Funny

Jun 17 - Navajo President Shelly Calls Informative LCR Meeting a Success

Jun 15 - Speaker Naize announces dates for water rights settlement hearings, encourages public commenting

Jun 15 - Naa'bik'iyati' Committee decision: alcohol will not be served in hotel area of Twin Arrows casino resort

Jun 15 - President Shelly visits Navajo AML Reclamation Site

Jun 15 - “Navajo Youth to Compete with the Pros”

Jun 14 - Speaker Naize announces tentative dates for water rights settlement considerations, public commenting still open

Jun 14 - Navajo President Shelly Organizes LCR Settlement Informational Meeting for Delegates

Jun 13 - Fourth of July Celebration Returns to Navajo Nation Capital

Jun 12 - Law and Order Committee dialogues on employment background investigations issue

Jun 12 - Council Delegate Jonathan Nez sponsored NAHASDA block grant funding legislation, Naa’bik’iyati’ Committee accepted

Jun 11 - Navajo President Shelly Reminds People of Fire Ban Due to Wild Fire

Jun 11 - Western agency chapters now responsible for solid waste management

Jun 11 - Navajo President Shelly Supports LCR Settlement

Jun 8 - Funding Application for Peacemaking and Family Group Conference

Jun 9 - Remarks as Prepare for Delivery by Navajo Nation Speaker Johnny Naize at the Press Conference regarding Sponsorship of the Navajo-Hopi Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement (Legislation 0230-12)

Jun 8 - President line-item vetoes legislation addressing Navajo land degradation, signs five into law

Jun 8 - President Shelly Applauds Decision to Keep School District Together

Jun 8 - President Shelly Line Item Vetoes $2.7 Million for Feral Livestock Round-Up

Jun 8 - The Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission's special meeting set for June 18th

Jun 6 - Resources and Development Committee hears report on grazing permits, vegetative studies

Jun 6 - NNHRC opposes proposed CCSD split after assessing human rights and voting rights standards