Press Releases for January 2012

Jan 30 - President Shelly Asks EPA for Rule Update

Jan 30 - NNHRC regular meeting set for Feb. 3rd 2012

Jan 29 - 22nd Navajo Nation Council concludes the final day of the 2012 Winter Session

Jan 27 - Martin Avery Confirmed to Navajo Government Development

Jan 27 - Navajo Nation Vice President Jim Wraps Up Washington Consultations

Jan 27 - President Shelly Asks for Detailed Federal Consolidation Plan

Jan 27 - President Shelly’s NNWO Appointment Gains Council Confirmation

Jan 26 - Supreme Court Clarifies Conditions for Filing for Reconsideration in Special Actions

Jan 26 - President Shelly To Sign MOU With National Lab

Jan 26 - President Shelly Announces Utah Trust Fund Town Hall Meetings

Jan 25 - 22nd Navajo Nation Council resumes third day of the 2012 Winter Session

Jan 26 - First Lady Martha Shelly Encourages Young Parents to Continue With Education

Jan 25 - NNHRC witnesses Beebe’s and Sanford’s federal sentencing today

Jan 25 - President Shelly Responds to Obama’s State of the Nation

Jan 24 - 22nd Navajo Nation Council resumes second day of the 2012 Winter Session

Jan 24 - President Shelly Signs Proclamation For Emergency Preparedness

Jan 24 - Proclamation the week of January 23-27, 2011 as Navajo Nation Emergency Preparedness Week

Jan 24 - President Calls for Unity Among Leaders

Jan 23 - 22nd Navajo Nation Council receive reports kicking off day one of 2012 Winter Session

Jan 23 - Speaker Johnny Naize Winter Session 2012 Report to Council

Jan 23 - Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly delivers the State of the Navajo Nation Address before the 22nd Navajo Nation Council

Jan 23 - President Ben Shelly Releases Statement of Gratitude for Giffords’ Service

Jan 23 - President Ben Shelly Delivers State of the Navajo Nation Address at the NNC’s Winter Session

Jan 19 - The Shelly Administration Practices “Due Diligence”

Jan 19 - President Shelly, State and County Agree to Use Police Sub Station

Jan 19 - President Shelly Presents Check to Beclabito Chapter

Jan 18 - Supreme Court Issues Opinion in Navajo Nation vs. RJN Construction Management, Inc.

Jan 17 - President Shelly Says Arizona Needs an Indian Affairs Department

Jan 17 - President Shelly Addresses Nageezi About Public Safety

Jan 16 - President Shelly Addresses Fort Defiance Agency Council

Jan 15 - President Shelly Applauds Self Sufficiency Created By Northern Edge

Jan 13 - President Shelly Delivers Message of Unity During Mescalero Inauguration

Jan 13 - ONNSFA fulfills the directive of Naa'bik'iyati Committee

Jan 13 - President Shelly Appoints Communications Team

Jan 12 - President Shelly to Address Nageezi Chapter Public Safety Concerns

Jan 12 - The Navajo Nation alleges violation of the equal protection mandate in San Juan County, Utah and files lawsuit

Jan 11 - Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project Executive Order

Jan 11 - President Signs Executive Order Restarting Support of Water Project

Jan 11 - President Ben Shelly Expedites Help for To’Hajiilee Chapter

Jan 11 - President Ben Shelly Announces Town Hall Meetings

Jan 10 - President Ben Shelly Designates $6 Million for Spring Scholarships

Jan 9 - President Shelly Applauds Action to Ban Uranium Mining Near the Grand Canyon

Jan 7 - Naa'bik'iyati' Committee received reports and considered legislations during meeting

Jan 6 - President Shelly Grateful for Code Talker's Service

Jan 6 - President Ben Shelly Receives Royalty Check

Jan 6 - Naa’bik’iyati Committee takes immediate action to respond to the needs of college students

Jan 4 - President Ben Shelly Orders Flags at Half-staff to Honor Code Talker