Press Releases for Augst 2012

Aug 31 - Law and Order Committee receives report from new Ethics and Rules Office executive director, proposes Navajo elections and ethics code amendments

Aug 29 - NNHRC’s clients reveal one critical communication staple

Aug 29 - Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission welcomes news about Navajo County District 5 election results

Aug 29 - Navajo President Shelly Urges Council to Focus on Developing Navajo Laws

Aug 28 - Resources and Development Committee’s “Nation Building Summit” draws large attendance, Diné people stress importance of long-term planning

Aug 27 - Navajo President Shelly Says New Budget Will Create 28 job Layoffs

Aug 27 - Navajo President Grants Administrative Leave for Navajo Voters to Cast Ballots

Aug 24 - Aug 24 - Health, Education, and Human Services Committee approves proposed FY13 comprehensive budgets for 4 Navajo divisions, 1 department

Aug 22 - Navajo President Shelly Says Permanent Trust Fund Must Benefit All Navajo People

Aug 22 - Navajo Nation Fair to Highlight Navajo Treasures

Aug 16 - Magical Colors Expected to Beautify Navajo Nation Fair

Aug 15 - Navajo President Shelly Says Job Cuts are Rumors

Aug 14 - Navajo President Shelly States Key Navajo Issues to Gov. Brewer

Aug 14 - Navajo President Shelly Thanks Navajo Code Talkers

Aug 14 - Navajo President Shelly Signs MOU to Help Navajo Students

Aug 10 - NNHRC appreciates U.N. Secretary-General’s initiative to further empower indigenous peoples

Aug 10 - Resources and Development Committee to host first “Nation Building Summit”

Aug 10 - President Ben Shelly Commemorates the Life of Code Talker Reuben Curley, Sr.

Aug 10 - Navajo President Shelly Offers Statement Regarding BART Ruling

Aug 10 - Navajo President Shelly Backs NM Plan for Emission Reductions at San Juan Generating Station

Aug 10 - Navajo President Shelly Delivers Inspirational Speech to Treatment Center Clients

Aug 10 - Navajo Nation Fair to Feature New Events

Aug 7 - Navajo human rights officials assert federal relocation policies fail miserably

Aug 6 - Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission releases its relocation public hearing report citing human rights violations

Aug 2 - Tower Butte Rises to the Spotlight

Aug 3 - Navajo President Shelly Signs Legislation to Increase High Ed Funding

Aug 3 - Navajo President Shelly Signs Bills to Approve Alcohol Sale and Acceptance of Land

Aug 3 - Law and Order Committee meets with Tohajiilee Chapter to discuss creation of cross-commissions agreement with Bernalillo County

Aug 2 - News from Peacemaking Program: Plan of Operations Approved, certain Peacemarker fees may now be paid out of Grant