Navajo News - Press Releases

Mar 28  115 reported cases of COVID-19 for Navajo Nation

Mar 28  Naat’áani Development Corporation attempts to bypass regulatory approvals and capitalize on the COVID-19 pandemic

Mar 27  21 new cases of COVID-19 reported for Navajo Nation, two deaths confirmed

Mar 27  $2 trillion stimulus package provides COVID-19 funds for tribes

Mar 27  Be Aware of Scams

Mar 27  President Nez and Vice President Lizer approve COVID-19 response funds for chapters

Mar 27  Council commends President Nez for signing Chapter quorum legislation, urges action on Chapter emergency funding

Mar 26  President Nez and Vice President Lizer take action on several resolutions related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Mar 26  New cases of COVID-19 reaches 71 for Navajo Nation

Mar 26  Standing committee, subcommittee, commission meetings canceled until April 5

Mar 25  Navajo Nation commends inclusion of $8 billion Tribal relief in third US stimulus bill

Mar 25  Nation’s investment in glove factory paying off during COVID-19 pandemic

Mar 25  New cases of COVID-19 increases by 20 among Navajo people


Mar 24  Navajo Nation’s positive tests for COVID-19 reaches 49

Mar 24  10 new positive COVID-19 cases reported among Navajo people

Mar 23  Three new positive COVID-19 cases reported among Navajo people

Mar 21  Total confirmed COVID-19 cases reach 26 as Navajo Nation’s “Stay at Home Order” goes into effect

Mar 20  Navajo Nation issues “Stay at Home Order” for all residents of the Navajo Nation to fight the spread of COVID-19

Mar 20  President Nez and Vice President Lizer sign $4 million appropriation to help fight the spread of COVID-19

Mar 19  Nez-Lizer and health care experts urge public to stay home as total number of positive COVID-19 test results reaches 14

Mar 18   Price gouging on and off the Navajo Nation.

Mar 18  Third member of the Navajo Nation tests positive for COVID-19 coronavirus, Public Health Emergency Order issued

Mar 18  Navajo Nation Council assures students, returning relatives that borders are not closed

Mar 18  Legislative Branch to close, Council to continue addressing COVID-19 legislation

Mar 17  Second member of the Navajo Nation tests positive for COVID-19 coronavirus

Mar 17  Member of the Navajo Nation tests positive for COVID-19 coronavirus

Mar 17  Navajo Nation Council plans second Special Session for Friday

Mar 16  Navajo Nation Council rejects $3 million appropriation on Department of Emergency Management deficiencies

Mar 16  Nez-Lizer commit to identifying internal funds to address COVID-19 coronavirus after Council votes down emergency funding

Mar 14  Nez-Lizer congratulate Navajo Chief of Police Francisco for graduating from the FBI National Academy

Mar 14  Department for Self Reliance will be closed to all visitors March 16, 2020 to April 3, 2020 to prevent spread of COVID-19

Mar 13  Navajo Nation Council to hold Special Session Monday, Mar. 16, 2020

Mar 13  Uranium public hearings postponed

Mar 13  Nez-Lizer announce temporary reduction in non-essential government services, closure of schools, and public parks to prevent spread of COVID-19

Mar 12  Nation’s leaders work together to secure $14.7 million in Capital Outlay Funds in New Mexico

Mar 12  Doreen Garlid becomes the first member of the Navajo Nation elected to the Tempe City Council

Mar 11  Navajo Nation declares Public Health State of Emergency for COVID-19 coronavirus

Mar 11  Speaker Damon, Chairman Tso request Surgeon General maintain presence of medical offi cers on Navajo Nation

Mar 10  24th Navajo Nation Council listens to Northern and Eastern Navajo Agency residents on uranium issues

Mar 10  State Task Force continue push for Navajo budget priorities at AZ State Capitol

Mar 04  Nez-Lizer issue travel advisory to Executive Branch employees and cautions Navajo citizens

Feb 29  Navajo Nation pays tribute to fallen White Mountain Apache Police Officer David Kellywood

Feb 29  Vice President Lizer advocates for Special Diabetes Program and CHR’s at the National Indian Health Board meeting

Feb 28  Navajo Nation COVID-19 Preparedness Team established to address coronavirus precautionary efforts

Feb 27  Speaker Damon meets with Navajo Board of Election Supervisors, provides $22,000 to cover budget deficit

Feb 27  President Nez promotes food sovereignty at Diné Bich’iiya’ Summit

Feb 27  Resources and Development Committee meets at Lake Valley Chapter

Feb 26  Nez-Lizer move forward with assisted-living facility for elderly

Feb 26  Navajo Nation Council to hold uranium public hearings March 5, 6, 13, 14

Feb 24  Nez-Lizer continue to support for Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women taskforce initiatives

Feb 24  Navajo Nation and San Juan County, Utah sign Intergovernmental Agreement to maintain 74-miles of roadways for Navajo residents

Feb 21  Delegate Crotty, MMDR working group continue to lead advocacy for Navajo families at N.M. MMIW Task Force meeting

Feb 21  Naabik’íyáti’ Committee convenes for judicial complex work session

Feb 21  Speaker Damon, 24th Navajo Nation Council commend passage of New Mexico Senate Bill 99

Feb 21  Nez-Lizer thank the New Mexico Legislature for approving over $25 million in Capital Outlay Funds

Feb 20  Navajo leaders sign proclamation encouraging public participation in the 2020 Census

Feb 20  Navajo Nation enters into MOU with San Juan County to assess feasibility of a new railroad system

Feb 20  Navajo Nation Advances Funds to ONNSFA for Spring 2020 Awards

Feb 20  Law and Order Committee on Capitol Hill lobbying for public safety and judicial

Feb 19  Clean-up of 24 abandoned uranium mine sites set to move forward under Phase 2 Settlement Agreement

Feb 19  President Nez requests the Los Angeles City Council to support renewable energy partnerships

Feb 17  Navajo leaders prioritize Navajo culture and language in Navajo schools

Feb 14  President Nez cites unspent chapter funds, financial accountability and planning measures in line-item veto

Feb 13  First Lady Nez delivers message of hope at MMIW and human trafficking panel discussion

Feb 13  President Nez testifies on Capitol Hill in support of scholarship funding among other budget priorities

Feb 13  Navajo Nation welcomes new Ethics and Rules Director Kandis Martine

Feb 13  State Task Force meets with N.M. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham at the Roundhouse

Feb 12  Trump Administration Proposes to Eliminate Tribal Scholarships

Feb 07  Vice President Lizer pays tribute to the late Senator John Pinto and Navajo Code Talkers during New Mexico’s “American Indian Day”

Feb 07  24th Navajo Nation Council attend opening day of Utah Legislature

Feb 07  President Nez and First Lady meet with Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs during cultural exchange visit

Feb 07  Delegate Crotty moves Missing & Murdered Diné Relatives projects forward, announces awareness action campaign

Feb 06  Speaker Damon, VP Lizer, LOC Chair Charles-Newton show support for Navajo, tribal bills at AZ Legislature

Feb 06  RDC receives reports on Northern Navajo Fair, disabled Navajos

Feb 06  Council Delegates Freeland and Halona advocate for chapter projects at N.M. Roundhouse

Feb 05  Navajo Nation joins family members in celebrating the life of Navajo Code Talker Joe Vandever Sr.

Feb 03  Navajo leaders support New Mexico H.B. 225 to create trust fund for elders

Feb 03  Nez-Lizer congratulate newly-appointed Utah Division of Indian Affairs Director Dustin Jansen

Feb 03  Flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of Navajo Code Talker Joe Vandever Sr.

Feb 02  Navajo Nation receives nearly $2 million from third-year agricultural insurance investment

Feb 01  Over 500 women attend First Lady Nez and Second Lady Lizers Heart to Heart conference

Jan 31  Speaker Damon, 24th Navajo Nation Council coordinate 480 tons of Navajo Mine coal deliveries to Navajo Chapters

Jan 31  24th Navajo Nation Council salutes the life and service of Navajo Code Talker Joe Vandever Sr.

Jan 31  Navajo Nation mourns the loss of Navajo Code Talker Joe Vandever Sr.

Jan 30  24th Navajo Nation Council 2020 Winter Session

Jan 30  Nez-Lizer focus on water, electricity, and road infrastructure for Navajo Utah communities


Jan 29  Nez-Lizer commend New Mexico Supreme Court’s ruling on applicability of Energy Transition Act

Jan 28  Council confirms Ernestine Tsinigine as Navajo Nation Supreme Court Associate Justice

Jan 28  Nez-Lizer congratulate Judge Tina Tsinigine on her probationary appointment as Associate Justice for the Navajo Nation Supreme Court

Jan 28  Vice President Lizer advocates for tribes before the Arizona Financial Literacy Taskforce

Jan 28  President Nez speaks in support of Navajo elders, students, chapter projects, and renewable energy before New Mexico legislators

Jan 28  Flags to be flown at half-staff in honor and memory of Navajo veteran Sophie Yazzie

Jan 27  Navajo Nation holds prayer service for the Armed Forces

Jan 27  Nez-Lizer request Council to address revenue shortfalls before considering spending requests during State of the Navajo Nation Address

Jan 26  Nez-Lizer caution Navajo public of the spread of the potentially deadly novel coronavirus

Jan 26  Navajo Nation Council observes passing of Sophie Yazzie at 105

Jan 25  Navajo Nation mourns the loss of longest-living Arizona veteran Sophie Yazzie

Jan 23  Nez-Lizer urge federal EPA to prioritize Navajo contractors in uranium mine clean-up efforts

Jan 22  Nez-Lizer support “active enrollment” for managed health care for Navajo citizens in New Mexico

Jan 21  Navajo Nation and New Mexico Indian Affairs Department partner to raise human trafficking awareness

Jan 20  24th Navajo Nation Council honors the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan 20  24th Navajo Nation Council mourn the passing of Walter Wolf Jr.

Jan 20  Nez-Lizer Administration announces purchase of sand and gravel pit

Jan 17  Hospitality Enterprise to construct new hotel, convention center, and office space in the capital of the Navajo Nation

Jan 15  China Phase One Trade Agreement opens new economic opportunities for the Navajo Nation

Jan 15  President Nez advocates for renewable energy, youth, and economic partnerships in address to the Arizona State Legislature

Jan 15  Flags to be flown at half-staff to honor Navajo leader John Perry, Jr.

Jan 15  Háyoolkáál Work Group announces partnership with SRP to develop up to 200-megawatts in solar energy on the Navajo Nation

Jan 14  Háyoolkáál Work Group reports on energy development initiatives to the Resources and Development Committee

Jan 13  Speaker Damon, 24th Navajo Nation Council mourn passing of former Council Delegates John Perry Jr. and James Tomchee

Jan 13  Mandatory meeting for residents impacted by Gold King Mine spill

Jan 12  RDC Delegates Kee Allen Begay Jr. and Mark Freeland meet with US EPA Administrators in Washington

Jan 12  Speaker Damon, RDC call for greater inclusion of Navajo communities in federal Chaco effort

Jan 11  Budget and Finance Committee take action on three legislation items for first 2020 meeting

Jan 11  Title II Reform Subcommittee selects Chairperson, Vice Chairperson during special meeting

Jan 11  Speaker Damon, 24th Navajo Nation Council mourn loss of Councilman Benjamin Hogue

Jan 8  Navajo Nation Veterans Administration proposes to make financial assistance more accessible for Navajo veterans

Jan 7  Delegate Kee Allen Begay Jr. opposes President Nez’s line item veto of CD-46-19

Jan 7  First Lady Nez and Second Lady Lizer to host “Heart to Heart Conference”

Dec 31  Payroll delayed for Navajo Nation employees

Dec 31  Diné Bizaad Subcommittee convenes first regular meeting

Dec 30  Law and Order Committee receive reports, debate $1.4 million legislation for Adult Detention Program

Dec 28  Navajo Nation set to acquire rights to 500 megawatts of transmission lines

Dec 27  Nez-Lizer demand reprimand for Hobbs News-Sun sports editor for discriminatory comment

Dec 24  Nez-Lizer commend the reauthorization of the Esther Martinez Native American Languages Programs

Dec 24  Holiday message from Speaker Damon and the 24th Navajo Nation Council

Dec 23  State Task Force meets on Utah State Legislative Priorities, forwards to Naabik’íyáti’ Committee

Dec 23  Alternative Worksites Scheduled for ONNSFA Tuba City and Shiprock Agency Staff on Christmas Eve

Dec 20  Navajo Nation finalizes MOU with PNM for $500,000 scholarship commitment

Dec 20  Neomi Gilmore confirmed as district court judge by 24th Navajo Nation Council

Dec 19  24th Navajo Nation Council pass veto override legislation at December Special Session

Dec 19  Naabik’íyáti’ Committee passes legislation for $1.9 million from UUFB for 2020 transmission charge

Dec 19  Navajo Nation celebrates the season of giving with turkey and ham distributions to veterans and families

Dec 19  New Navajo Nation Board of Education members take oath of office

Dec 18  First Lady and Second Lady highlight the importance of family at the “Strengthening Families” conference

Dec 18  Naabik’íyáti’ Committee regular meeting debate on 638 designation, veto override legislation

Dec 17  Navajo leaders welcome N.M. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to the Navajo Nation

Dec 17  Navajo Nation Department of Information Technology combats virus threats

Dec 17  NBOES discuss budget, unmet needs for special elections during regular meeting

Dec 16  Navajo Nation and the Bureau of Reclamation sign Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen long-term partnership

Dec 15  President Nez signs master lease for Birdsprings elderly group home

Dec 10  Ethics and Rules Office report no complaints filed against any members of the 24th Navajo Nation Council

Dec 10  Budget and Finance Committee receive reports, take action on legislation

Dec 05  Navajo Technical University starts Navajo Language Translation Program in preparation for the 2020 Elections

Dec 05  Announcing the inaugural Navajo Nation Council Chamber Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony

Dec 04  Law and Order Committee begins performance evaluation for Probationary Judge Honorable Tina Tsinigine

Dec 04  Navajo Nation honors the life of Korean War veteran and retired Navajo Police Officer Oliver Leo Kirk, Sr.

Dec 03  Navajo Nation and University of Arizona sign MOA to create the Navajo Law Fellowship Program

Dec 02  Nez-Lizer Administration continues commitment to meeting with Navajo Utah Chapters

Dec 02  Flags to be flown at half-staff to honor Korean War veteran and retired Navajo Police Officer Oliver Kirk

Nov 28  Wishing the Navajo Nation a safe, joyful Thanksgiving and Family Day

Nov 26  Delegate Crotty, Missing & Murdered Diné Relatives working group demand accountability from Offi ce of the President and Vice President

Nov 26  Vice President Lizer joins President Trump for signing of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons executive order

Nov 25  HEHSC confirms four appointments to Navajo Nation Board of Education

Nov 22  HEHSC convenes to discuss apportionment for Navajo school boards

Nov 21  Navajo Nation thanks pilot Adriel Heisey for 24 years

Nov 21  Nez-Lizer recognize “Navajo Nation Commercial Tobacco-Free Day”

Nov 20  Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribe working together to improve Hopi Route 60

Nov 19  James D. Zwierlein becomes the official Executive Director of the Navajo Nation Veterans Administration

Nov 18  Speaker Damon, Navajo Government Development meet with Anishinabek Nation delegation

Nov 18  President Nez signs long-awaited master agriculture lease for NAPI

Nov 15  Nez-Lizer Administration completes earthen dam repairs in the Former Bennett Freeze Area

Nov 14  President Nez and Vice President Lizer declares Navajo Nation Day of Prayer

Nov 14  Navajo Nation and IHS recognize World Diabetes Day with “War on Diabetes” proclamation

Nov 13  Members of 24th Navajo Nation Council appointed to Tribal-Interior Budget Council committees

Nov 13  Burnt Corn residents celebrate new multipurpose building for community members

Nov 13  24th Navajo Nation Council meets with Navajo Transitional Energy Company

Nov 13  Navajo Nation secures several key Tribal Interior Budget Council positions

Nov 12  Nez-Lizer exercise termination provisions of NTEC indemnity agreements

Nov 11  Navajo Nation invests $19 million in nitrile glove manufacturing facility

Nov 11  Navajo Nation pays tribute to Diné Warriors on Veterans Day

Nov 11  Veterans Day Message from the 24th Navajo Nation Council

Nov 10  Tonalea residents to receive long-awaited chapter facility

Nov 08  Delegates Daniels, Tso Receive Utah State Reports

Nov 08  First Lady Phefelia Nez attends first New Mexico Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force meeting

Nov 08  New Mexico Military Institute honors Navajo Nation flag

Nov 08  Navajo Nation honors the life of Navajo Police Sergeant Lamar Martin

Nov 08  Nez-Lizer commend the defeat of Proposition 10 by Utah voters

Nov 07  Navajo Nation EPA continues to address illegal trash dumping

Nov 04  Dr. Tommy Lewis, Jr., Navajo Nation Superintendent of Schools Announces Resignation, Retirement Plans

Nov 04  Nez-Lizer offer condolences to the family and colleagues of Navajo Police Sergeant Lamar Martin

Nov 01  President Nez congratulates Navajo Nation Police Academy Class 54

Nov 01  Navajo Nation Department for Self Reliance Returns to Greasewood Springs, Arizona

Oct 31  Vice President Myron Lizer discusses investment opportunities with Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Yee

Oct 30  Bill to protect Chaco Canyon advances through the House

Oct 30  Navajo Leaders Witness Keel Laying of USNS Navajo

Oct 30  Navy officially names new class of ships in honor of the Navajo people

Oct 24  24th Navajo Nation Council Acts on 19 Legislations at Fall Session


Oct 21  President Nez declares Navajo Nation Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Oct 17  Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission will be hosting public hearings to assess the mistreatment of Navajo and Native American students

Oct 15  Delegate Crotty Presents at Violence Against Women Act Conference

Oct 10  Carl Roessel Slater Elected, Takes Navajo Nation Council Delegate Oath

Oct 09  Media Advisory: Council Delegate to take Oath Thursday

Oct 07  Children, Residents Receive Pumpkin Donations

Oct 07  First Lady Phefelia Nez appointed to New Mexico’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force

Oct 07  President Nez testifies before the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs in support of radiation exposure victims

Oct 07  President Nez and Division Directors meet with Navajo Utah Chapters

Oct 02  Navajo uranium mine workers share personal stories of hardship caused by uranium development

Oct 01  Navajo Nation President calls on Congress to enact a Native American Voting Rights Act

Sep 30  House Natural Resources Chairman Raúl M. Grijalva to hold public forum for Navajo uranium miners in Window Rock

Sep 30  Candlelight Vigil Held for Victims of Murder

Sep 30  Fall 2019 Navajo Nation Council Session Begins October 21

Sep 30  Congressman Grijalva to Host Navajo Uranium Miners Forum Wednesday

Sep 27  Speaker, HRC Push Indigenous Voter Rights

Sep 27  Crownpoint community reaches another milestone with the groundbreaking of the new hotel and conference center

Sep 25  Vice President Lizer highlights renewable energy initiatives during the White House Tribal Leader Roundtable on Energy in Indian Country

Sep 25  Navajo Nation Department for Self Reliance Office Closure at Greasewood, Arizona

Sep 25  RDC Plans Coordination, Leadership Work Sessions

Sep 25  Greasewood Springs Community School to receive new school facilities with signing of federal agreement by President Nez

Sep 25  ONNSFA’s Online Application for the 2020 Winter/Spring Term Opens

Sep 25  2019 District 11 Special Election Results

Sep 20  Navajo Nation’s renewable energy future takes big step forward with completion of Kayenta Solar II generation facility

Sep 19  Nez-Lizer authorizes open enrollment for Navajo Non-Emergency Medical Transportation providers

Sep 18  President Nez offers support for the family of missing 94-year-old Dennis Hardy, Sr.

Sep 17  Navy Reserve and 32-year law enforcement veteran sworn-in as the new director of Criminal Investigations

Sep 17  President Nez reports on energy development initiatives to the Resources and Development Committee

Sep 13  Navajo Nation FY 2020 Comprehensive Budget signed into law

Sep 13  Commission on Navajo Government Development to Hold Regular Meeting in Cow Springs

Sep 13  Vice President Lizer advocates for Navajo children and families at the 2019 First Things First Tribal Consultation

Sep 12  President Nez advocates for the Navajo people on Capitol Hill

Sep 11  PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE: Evaluation of Performance for Probationary Judge

Sep 11  Climate Change Adaptation Plan Adopted by Navajo Nation Council


Sep 10  Navajo Nation recognizes Suicide Prevention Week

Sep 10  Nez-Lizer moving forward with the development of housing manufacturing facilities

Sep 10  Application deadline extended for the position of Executive Director of the Navajo Nation Veterans Administration

Sep 06  Navajo Nation Council Approves Full Funding for Chapter Stipends

Sep 06  Council Establishes Diné Bizaad Subcommittee

Sep 05  Council Votes to Support US Senate Bill 788 "Equality Act"

Sep 05  Council Accepts Parade Candy Legal Opinion

Sep 03  Nez-Lizer commend passage of FY2020 Comprehensive Budget

Sep 03  Navajo Nation Council Approves Fiscal Year 2020 Comprehensive Budget

Aug 30  Nez-Lizer Administration supports efforts of the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition

Aug 30  Nez-Lizer Administration welcomes U.S. Representative Gregory Stanton to the Navajo Nation

Aug 29  Navajo Nation FY 2020 Comprehensive Budget Approved by B&F, Naabik’íyáti’ Committees

Aug 29  Navajo Nation leaders discuss impact aid funds for Native American students in New Mexico

Aug 29  Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise presents $120,720 contribution for the 73rd Annual Navajo Nation Fair

Aug 27  President Nez speaks in support of public safety initiatives at the inaugural 2019 Indian Country Public Safety Summit

Aug 27  Navajo Nation Council Speaker Recognizes Wells Fargo Settlement Team

Aug 27  Nez-Lizer welcome U.S. Attorneys to the Navajo Nation

Aug 27  Delegate Newton Delivers Recommendations to Federal Public Safety Programs

Aug 26  Public Input Sought for Navajo Nation Business Court Proposal

Aug 23  Navajo Nation to seek prosecution for illegal trash dumping

Aug 22  Nez-Lizer seek partnerships to build homes and provide carpentry training on the Navajo Nation

Aug 22  Violence Against Women Act Testimony Delivered by Delegate Charlaine Tso

Aug 22  Navajo Nation settles lawsuit against Wells Fargo Bank

Aug 21  Vice President Lizer advocates for CHR’s, IHS facilities, and uranium exposure studies at the U.S. Health and Human Services Tribal consultation

Aug 20  RDC Hears Agriculture, Vending, Grazing Issues at Cameron Special Meeting

Aug 19  Little Colorado River Gorge Navajo Tribal Park improvements support “Buy Navajo, Buy Local” initiative

Aug 19  Flo Rida, Candlebox, Gin Blossoms, and more to headline the 73rd Annual Navajo Nation Fair Concert Series

Aug 16  U.S. Representative Tom O’Halleran Delivers Report from Congress to Council Delegates

Aug 16  Nez-Lizer Administration welcomes Congressman Tom O’Halleran to the Navajo Nation

Aug 15  Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Study Committee Bill Signed by AZ Governor Ducey

Aug 15  President Nez and Council Delegate Edmund Yazzie celebrate the opening of St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School gymnasium and learning center

Aug 15  Navajo Nation recognizes “Navajo Head Start Day”

Aug 14  Navajo Nation pays tribute to Diné warriors on Navajo Code Talker Day

Aug 14  Navajo Nation leaders take strong stance in support of Navajo workers

Aug 13  Applicants sought for the position of Executive Director of the Navajo Nation Veterans Administration

Aug 12  Nez-Lizer pay tribute to former long-time White Mountain Apache Tribal Chairman Ronnie Lupe

Aug 12  Nez-Lizer request public support for $50 million investment in scholarships

Aug 12  Navajo Nation proclaims “Navajo Nation Code Talkers Week”

               Navajo Nation Code Talkers Week Proclamation

Aug 11  Navajo Nation and City of Albuquerque Sign Historic Human Rights Memorandum of Understanding

Aug 11  Navajo Route 12 road improvements set to begin in Tsaile/Wheatfields with contract signing by the Nez-Lizer

Aug 09  Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rules in favor of the Navajo Nation in ICWA case

Aug 09  Nez-Lizer congratulate SMA Native American STEM Scholarship Award recipients

Aug 09  Solid waste disposal proposal aims to address illegal trashing dumping and to promote recycling on the Navajo Nation

Aug 08  RDC Holds Many Farms Farming and Irrigation Project Field Meeting

Aug 08  Navajo Nation Attorney General announces new Chapter Unit under the Department of Justice

Aug 07  Milton Bluehouse, Jr. appointed to serve as Deputy Chief of Staff for the Navajo Nation Office of the President and Vice President

Aug 06  Nez-Lizer join U.S. Senator Heinrich and New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham in promoting renewable energy initiatives

Aug 05  Navajo Nation and City of Albuquerque to Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Race Relations, Treatment of Navajo Citizens

Aug 02  President Nez discusses progress of solar energy project with Navajo Hopi Land Commission members

Aug 01  Nez-Lizer Administration congratulates Navajo recipients of the 2019 NTEC Scholarship award

Aug 01  President Nez and IHS officials visit potential sites for new hospital facility

Aug 01  Navajo Nation Department of Information Technology takes precautionary security measures

Jul 31  President Nez speaks in support of policy and regulation changes to expand broadband coverage for the Navajo Nation

Jul 30  Nez-Lizer approve Title II amendment to promote public participation in government

Jul 29  Nez-Lizer congratulate newly-appointed Navajo Area IHS Director Roselyn Tso

Jul 26  Vice President Lizer advocates for economic development

Jul 25  Nez-Lizer Administration works to advance renewable energy initiatives for the Navajo Nation

Jul 25  President Nez and Delegate Crotty encourage NHA employees to construct more homes to instill hope and resilience in Navajo communities

Jul 24  Navajo Nation First Lady Nez commends coal mining women of the Navajo Nation

Jul 24  Vice President Lizer chairs Medicaid policy meeting

Jul 24  Nez-Lizer Administration offers support and assistance for Museum Fire efforts

Jul 24  Navajo Police Department actively addressing public concerns over white vans that appear suspicious

Jul 23  Newly-appointed New Mexico State Senator Shannon Pinto takes office

Jul 23  Speaker Damon Encourages Progress and Positive Change at Navajo Housing Authority

Jul 22  Nez-Lizer Administration encourages Navajo public to enroll in Lifeline Phone and Internet Assistance Program

Jul 20  President Nez and Vice President Lizer congratulate 151 Chief Manuelito Scholarship recipients

Jul 18  Navajo Nation Council Congratulates Shannon Pinto For Appointment to District 3 NM Senate Seat

Jul 18  President Nez encourages summer youth employment students to believe in themselves and to never give up

Jul 18  Nez-Lizer congratulate Shannon Pinto on New Mexico State Senate appointment

Jul 17  Shiprock community breaks ground on new wellness center

Jul 17  Bill to protect Chaco Canyon advances through the House Natural Resources Committee

Jul 16  Nez-Lizer commend Congressman Ben Ray Luján for introducing bill to expand uranium exposure compensation

Jul 16  State of the Navajo Nation Address highlights strategic plan, budget priorities, and calls for large investment in scholarship funding

Jul 15  Let’s Journey Together: Navajo Nation Council Delegate Nelson S. BeGaye Resigns

Jul 15  President Nez and Vice President Lizer thank Honorable Nelson S. BeGaye for his service to the Navajo Nation

Jul 12  Nez-Lizer Administration welcomes Army General Wesley K. Clark to the Navajo Nation

Jul 12  Delegates Advocate before Utah State Leadership at Governor’s Native American Summit

Jul 11  Navajo leaders advocate for the Navajo Nation at the 14th Annual Utah Governor’s Native American Summit

Jul 11  President Nez highlights housing, mental health treatment, and Navajo Code Talkers museum initiatives at Navajo Nation Veterans Summit

Jul 08  Nez-Lizer welcome Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert to the Navajo Nation

Jul 08  President Nez kicks off the 9th Annual Running for a Stronger and Healthier Navajo Nation

Jul 07  President Nez delivers message of hope and resilience to “Tour de Sih Hasin” youth bike riders

Jul 05  Navajo Nation seeks to increase broadband accessibility

Jul 03  Council Mourns Passing of Char James,Champion of Healing and Prevention for Navajo Youth and Families

Jul 03  Navajo Nation issues fire safety warning for Fourth of July weekend

Jul 02  President Nez provides veterans update to the Health, Education, and Human Services Committee

Jul 02  Ts’ah Bii Kin summer youth employees construct walking/running trail with “junk food tax” dollars

Jul 02  Navajo Nation welcomes Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee

Jul 02  Nez-Lizer Administration reaffirms commitment to former uranium miners and downwinders to support RECA amendments

Jul 01  Arizona Treasurer Provides Intro, Update to Health, Education, Human Services Committee


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