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July 30    Congressional bill seeks to amend the Navajo-Hopi Land Settlement Act

July 28  President Shelly applauds U.S. EPA BART decision

July 28  Naat'aji Nahat'a Hane' - 2014 Summer Council Session

July 25  President Shelly meets with Mayor Berry

July 23  Proclamation in Honor and Recognition of the Late Navajo Code Talker Edward B. Anderson, Jr.

July 22    Apache County Board of Supervisors votes against the sale of the Ole Red Barn Liquor license

July 22  Navajo Nation Council blocks proposed in situ uranium recovery project

July 22  President Shelly appalled by beating deaths of Navajo men

July 22  President Shelly orders flags at half-staff in honor of Edward B. Anderson Jr.

July 21  Summer Council Session 2014 Speaker Pro Tem's Report

July 21  Navajo Times and KTNN/KWRK 2014 Presidential Forum, Crownpoint NM - USTREAM Video

July 21  NNTV 5 live webcasting NNC Summer Session - USTREAM Video

July 21  2014 Summer Session - State of the Navajo Nation, Executive Branch Report

July 17  New homes for Navajos in the Former Bennett Freeze Area nearing

July 16  Health, Education, and Human Services Committee receives report regarding Affordable Care Act exemption for Native Americans

July 14  Naabik’iyátí’ Committee issues directive to hold public hearings regarding the $554 million Trust Mismanagement Agreement

July 14  Energy Summit Public Service Announcement

July 10  Navajo Nation Council Summer Horse and Bike Ride set to begin
Navajo Nation Council - 2014 Summer Horse and Bike Ride - Tentative Schedule

July 9  Law and Order Committee receives update on Ramah Detention Facility

July 8  Hozhooji' - Volume 1 - Issue 1 [Executive Branch News] (2 Mbs File Size)

July 7  Navajo Nation Fish and Wildlife Hosting Summit to Bridge Communication Gaps

July 3  Law and Order Committee receives update on Dilkon Justice Center

July 3  President Shelly reaffirms fire restriction, prohibits fireworks

July 1  Health, Education, and Human Services Committee approves report from the Center for Native American Health (CNAH)

July 1  Resources and Development Committee approves the establishment of Administrative Service Centers as part of the Nation’s decentralization initiative

Jun 30  NN Resources & Development Committee Public Hearing: Monday, June 30, 2014 - Proposed Navajo Rangeland Improvement Act of 2014 - USTREAM Video

Jun 25  Division of Social Service to administer Title IV-E foster program

Jun 25  Budget and Finance Committee offers clarification over $19 million appropriation to Navajo Chapters

Jun 22    Asaayi Lake Fire donations tracked by Dept. of Emergency Management  1.46 MB    0.29 MB

Jun 21    Vice President Rex Lee Jim on Navajo Spirituality Day

Jun 20  Navajo Nation Building Foundation for Success

Jun 19  President Shelly, N.M. Governor Martinez fly over fire and meet with residents

Jun 19  Assayii Lake Fire Update (06/19/2014) MP4 Video

Jun 18  Assayii Lake Fire Update (06/18/2014) MP4 Video

Jun 18  Asaayi Lake Fire Donation Center locations established for contributions

Jun 18  Vice President Jim on Assayii Lke Fire - Youtube Video

Jun 17  Assayii Lake Fire Media Advisory - NM Gov. Susana Martinez will be touring the Assayii Lake Fire with President Shelly and Vice President Jim

Jun 17  Assayii Lake Fire Update (06/17/2014) MP4 Video

Jun 16  2014 Executive Order Fire Restriction & 2014 Declaration of State of Emergency for Assayii Lake Fire

Jun 16    President Shelly declares state of emergency for Assayii Lake Fire  

Jun 13  President Shelly issues Father's Day message, cites responsibility

Jun 13  Budget and Finance Committee endorses New Mexico H.R. 1645 to amend the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act

Jun 13    President Shelly signs Navajo Adult Guardianship Act of 2014 into law  

Jun 11  President Shelly presents $1.38 million reimbursement check to NTUA

Jun 11  President Shelly fights Sanders liquor license renewal, transfer

Jun 11  Resources and Development Committee to hold public hearing at Diné College for the proposed Navajo Rangeland Improvement Act of 2014

Jun 11  Law and Order Committee receives report regarding proposed project to assist in suicide prevention

Jun 10  Council members pay tribute to late Navajo Code Talker Sidney Bedoni


Jun 09    President Shelly orders flags at half-staff in honor of Sidney Bedoni  

Jun 09  Navajo Head Start Passes Federal Review; Full Compliance Ensures Nation Will Receive an Estimated $125 Million 5-Year Grant Award

Jun 09  Health, Education, and Human Services Committee commends Navajo Head Start for passing federal review

Jun 09    President Shelly to tour and receive new Kayenta Justice Center  1.17 MB    0.24 MB

Jun 06  Navajo Nation Council appropriates $19 million for the Nation’s 110 chapters, Navajo Veterans, and student employment

Jun 05  Resources and Development Committee approves legislation supporting the Fort Wingate Land Division Act of 2014

Jun 05    Council takes part in historic signing ceremony to bring successful end to litigation against the U.S. over mismanaged trust fund assets

Jun 04  Trust Fund Mismanagement Signing Ceremony - USTREAM Video

Jun 04  Budget and Finance Committee receives report regarding Branch Chiefs meeting

Jun 04    President Shelly orders flags at half-staff in honor of Chester Nez  

Jun 04  Speaker Pro Tem LoRenzo Bates and Navajo Nation Council express condolences over the passing of Navajo Code Talker Chester Nez


Jun 03    President Shelly lauds U.S. Senate confirmation of Keith Harper  

Jun 01    President Shelly contrasts Treaty of 1868 to present day responsibilities  1.47 MB    0.55 MB


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Aug 02    Runnning in Beauty for a Stronger Healthier Navajo Nation - FINALE - (Navajo Nation Special Diabetes Project)

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