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Nov 25  President Shelly thanks Navajo people, issues holiday message for peace and unity

Nov 21  President Shelly signs Healthy Dine’ Nation Act of 2014 into law

Nov 18  Council to donate turkeys to Navajo Nation senior centers

Nov 18  President Shelly enacts NPEA legislation, signs executive order for disabled

Nov 17  Great American Smokeout 2014 Video

Nov 17  Podcast: Great American Smoke Out - Vice President Rex Lee Jim's message encouraging people to quit smoking for a healthier lifestyle

Nov 13  Executive Order No: 11-2014-Utilizing Professional Development Services of Dine' College and Navajo Technical University

Nov 12  Language requirement override to be considered during special session

Nov 11  President Shelly Veterans Day Address - Youtube Video

Nov 10  President Shelly salutes past, present and future Navajo veterans

Nov 10  $554 million Presidential Town Hall Meeting finale postponed

Nov 07  Podcast: Vice President Jim discusses bendefits of Navajo Department of Health Act, signed into law by President Shelly

Nov 07  Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee Jim on the Navajo Department of Health -- YouTube Video

Nov 07  President Shelly signs Navajo Department of Health Act into law

Nov 04  Department for Self Reliance Public Hearings on Navajo Nation's Tribal Family Assistance Plan(TFAP)

Nov 03  President Shelly provides tribal employees four hours leave to vote


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